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Analog Universe Games was born out of a simple thought. Good ideas shouldn't be wasted on hoping somebody else will act on it. From that thought came the drive to create and the will to experiment. Standing on the shoulders of giants Analog Universe builds games that feel immediately familiar but deliver an elevated playing experience.

Analog Universe Games is the brainchild of Andrew Baldock of Calgary, Alberta. While Andrew handles the vast majority of AUG's facets, no man is an island. Any success for Analog Universe is owed in part to volunteer testers, friends, family, and the Calgary board game, music, and local enrichment communities.

Building an Experience

An Analog Universe game is designed using these principles:

  •    Familiarity; Analog Universe games start from a framework our target audience will immediately recognize. Allowing for games new players can easily pick up and play.

  •    Experiment; a good idea is a terrible thing to waste. Try it all and parse it down to what makes for the most fun.

  •    Player-driven; A players experience should shift dynamically to the make-up of the table. New strategies and unique challenges come with each new opponent.

  •    Test Test test; yes, all game companies emphasize extensive testing. But hey, its important!

  •    Community; While not a game design tenet we think that each game should naturally build a community around it. Sharing experiences, ideas, and strategies.

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"We're an analog band. We know that digitals a scam."

     -Wo Fat

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