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"We're an analog band. We know that digitals a scam."

     -Wo Fat

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Band Room Blitz

Art and Design by Andrew Baldock

Band Room Blitz is a fast-paced party game built around word association, creativity, and a little bit of band knowledge.

3-10 players       |       45 - 90 min      |       Ages 14+

Release Status

Band Room Blitz is still in the development phase but funding has been secured and we're gearing up manufacturing right now!! Join the mailing list and be one of the first to know when pre-orders begin!

About Band Room Blitz

Often there are bands with a definitive leader. A musician with a vision everyone is helping bring to life. The only thing they don't have... is a band name. In Band Room Blitz everyone gets a turn as band leader. The player in this position plays category cards from their hand for the rest of the table. Everyone else creates an original band name fitting those cards. But they aren't totally subject to the leaders whims. A player can add modifiers to change the categories in play, force the name into a specific genre or format, and other round altering effects. For those especially knowledgeable on band names coming up with an existing band name that fits the cards (among other qualifiers) will score themselves a bonus point!

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