Frequently Asked Questions

If I played the category cards do I come up with a band name too?

No. If you played the category cards your job that round is to monitor the sand timers, judge the band names submitted, and choose the rounds winner (which can't be you). 

If someone plays "remove modify" can someone play a new modify card?

"Only one modify card may be played per round unless a card says otherwise" Following this rule as written, no. A new modify card may not be played. Though there is no reason you can't house-rule that a new modify can be played. That's a lot of flipping the sand timer though.

When do I draw new cards?

At the end of the round any players not holding 4 category cards and 3 modify cards draw up until they do.

How does the "make it local" card work when we're all from different places?

In this scenario the rules as written still work. "The band name must refer to some aspect of your local culture." So you can use an aspect from the area that is local TO YOU. Alternatively you can neutralize this rule and consider "local" to refer to where you are currently playing the game, though this might give those players that are truly local an unfair advantage,

Where does the card I remove from play with the "Category Swap" card go?

Using the "Category Swap" card allows you to put a category card in your hand into play so long as you take one of the category cards already in play and put it in your hand.

What do quotation marks on a card mean?

Unlike typical category cards, these categories require you to use the exact phrase printed on the card. So they aren't really a "category" but the card functions the same as any other category card. You just have less to think about.

What is a genre modify card?

A Modify card that forces the band name into a certain genre. The various genres included in the game are listed to the right under "I Don't Know any bands in X genre, How Do I Make Up a Name?"

How many Modify Cards can be played in a round?

Only one Modify card can be played per round unless you also play the "Fusion Genre" Card. Which allows you to play two Modify cards in your hand at once.

I don't know any bands in X genre, how do I make up a name?

I got you. Here's some tricks you can use to make a band name from the genres found in Band Room Blitz

Blues - Put "Blues Band" at the end or include the word "blues" in some other way

Boy-Girl Band - Can't go wrong by just putting "boys" or "girls" in the band name. For mixed gender groups use collective nouns like club.

Children's - Rhyming and silly nonsense words work well.

Country - admittedly most country bands just use the singers name. Ones that don't typically refer to frontier or rural culture.

DJ Duo - Put "Brothers"/"Bros"/"Sisters" at the end but really a DJ duo can have a typical sounding band name

Folk - Usually many of the tropes used for country work well for american folk music. International Folk will reference the culture it originates from.

Funk - Try to jam in the words funk or groove. Or make references to heat, speed, or bring unrestricted

Goth - end with the suffixes "-ia" or "-ica". Or references to darkness, cults, the undead, or victorian / enlightenment era culture

Jazz Quartet - Put "Ensemble" or "Players" at the end

Metal - References to death, religion, violence, war, lord of the rings, and the lower intestines.

Punk - References to politics or political figures, rebellion, pop culture, violence, and obscene or uncouth things.

Rap - References to the four elements (Rapping, Turntableism, Dancing, and Graffiti) and gang and hood culture. Deliberate misspellings are common.

Rock or Reggae - Really anything goes with these two, get creative!