Bandroom Blitz Dev Journal. Vol 1

Updated: Jan 23

Last time I updated this blog I mentioned that I had made some changes to Band Room Blitz. The main reason I’m making these changes so late is that I genuinely believe these to be great improvements to the game. But I’m going to be honest with you. When I was at EPOC I received quite a few suggestions to change some core aspects of the game and I got serious anxiety about ALL OF THEM.

Thankfully after several nights sleeping on it, some more feedback, and a lot of deliberation. I’m happy to reveal what I think is the best possible version of Band Room Blitz yet. So what’s new? Well...

Timed play is now optional. Because Band Room Blitz is a party game its important that players be able to socialize during rounds just as much as in between. Now players can choose to have competitive 1 minute rounds or a more casual Submit-your-answer-when-its-done experience. That being said, if discussion gets off track, or one player is taking too long, the band leader can still use a sand timer to say you have 30 seconds left to finish. Get on it.

Declaring a real band no longer ends the round

You’ve got a great band name ready to go, you’ve totally got this round in the bag. And then friggin’ Andrew declares a real band and wins the round just like that. Fun for Andrew, not so fun for you. Now when a real band is declared (and meets the cards in play AND meets minimum notoriety standards) the player can add a card to their winnings stack from their hand. Everyone still submits a made-up band name at the end of the round as normal. Yes, this means you can get two points in one round! Note that only one person can get this extra point in a round and only once. Also you still have only 30 seconds to get this point in timed play.

Some cards have been altered slightly

Those alterations are:

  • Sports and Athletics is now: Athletics

  • The Four Elements is now: Earth, Air, Fire, and/or Water

  • The Pop Culture Reference card will be split into 3 different category cards

  • The examples listed on Mental State are now: emotion, mood, cognition, etc

  • The examples listed on The Occult are now: spirits, alchemy, witches, etc

  • Modify X2 will only work with modify cards that force the band name to be a certain genre

  • Answer cards are getting a size increase.

There will be fewer duplicate cards.

Band Room Blitz originally had doubles of every card (and triples for cards pertaining to very common tropes in band names across all genres). This was primarily because two category cards are played at once. Just because color was played with animal doesn’t mean it couldn’t come up later wither something totally different. Thing is there’s no reason why this couldn’t also be achieved by shuffling used cards back into a new deck to draw from. So now the majority of cards will only appear once in the deck. This of course will make for a smaller deck. To compensate; more cards (both category and modify) are being added to the game. Tune in to the next blog post to find out what they’ll be.

Those are the most recent changes in a nutshell! What do you think? Any concerns? Let me know before this thing gets too set in stone, I always value honest feedback.


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