Bandroom Blitz Dev Journal Vol.2: Categorical Updates

Updated: Jan 23

Last blog post I talked about rules changes to Band Room Blitz. I also teased that some new cards would be introduced to the game. Well, today I'm going to show you all the new category cards joining the deck. I've also included my reasoning for their inclusion as well as some existing bands that fit these categories.


These cards are all within the same vein as Adjective, Verb, and Noun. Word types.


Lets start with the hardest one. There's so many kinds of Adverb that I hesitated to include the card in the game. But I decided that while this card will be difficult for many there are simply too many adverbs to not include it. Instead I've opted to just make an extensive reminder text.

Real bands: After the Burial, Down, The New Pornographers,


If you need a quick reminder of what a pronoun is, its a word you use in place of a proper noun. Like the ones listed on the card. This card was originally slated for inclusion in expansion sets but when I started expanding the cards included in the base game this was the very first to make the jump. Real Bands: I Mother Earth, Her's, Oh My Girl

Collective Noun I really struggled with this one. I wanted to include it but I didn't want to use the phrase "Collective Noun" on the card. Primarily because of all the adults I know that have a hard enough time with adjective, verb, and noun. Collective noun would just add an extra layer of difficulty. But really its the most elegant way to phrase it for a small bridge sized card so it stayed. Real Bands: Flock of Seagulls, Culture Club, Lighthouse Family

Pop Culture References

Last blog post I also mentioned that the Pop Culture Reference card was being turned into 3 different cards. I decided to do this because during play testing people wanted to get an instant-win with a real band and use that real bands name to satisfy the Pop Culture Reference card. Well that's not really how it was intended to be used. Your supposed to reference some other band. Well these three cards makes it pretty much impossible to misinterpret.

Reference to another band

ANOTHER being the important word here. Self references can be fun, but the intent here is to pay homage to your influences or even someone you DON'T like. There's actually a wikipedia article dedicated to this subject. Though take some of them with a grain of salt. It seems some common phrases are included there as being references to a song or album name when they very clearly are not. Still some cool examples to find though, like:

Real Bands: DOPETHRONE, Death Cab for Cutie, Riders on the Storm


Go figure that some bands really like to read. So much so that they might name their band after something from a book they've read. Some examples I've told to people during playtesting often come as a surprise. But I'm the ultimate band name nerd so take that with a grain of salt too.

Real Bands: Opeth, Heaven 17, Uriah Heep

Film or Television

Kinda feels weird writing Television out like that instead of TV, but "Film or TV" doesn't roll off the tongue quite as nicely. This is the last card to be split from Pop Culture Reference and I'm sure lots of fun will be had with it. It works especially well with Band Room Blitz's self-policing nature when it comes to staying within a groups collective taste.

Real Bands: oKILLy doKILLy, Living Color, Talking Heads

Quote Me Happy

Before this new influx of category cards there were only two cards with quotes on them (indicating that you use that exact word) they were "DJ" and "The". So when I started adding new cards I knew I needed more of these. Incidentally its a great way to add conjunctions to the game without making a conjunction card.


Okay, this one isn't a conjunction I know, but it is a very common word to find in a band name. Go through your library and see how many times you find it (let me know, just curious). Real Bands: Days of the New, New Order, New Edition


Often found (in)between two other words in a three word band name. That doesn't mean you can't use it (in)side of a word that contains it. ;) Real Bands: Alice in Chains, Explosions in the Sky, In/Vertigo


Another word that finds its way into band names fairly frequently. But not so frequently that you might have a real one off the top of your head as quick as say, color.

Real Bands: Five for Fighting, Tears for Fears, Bowling for Soup

All The Rest

These categories don't really group together in any way but are just as exciting additions to the game!


Honestly I'm surprised that this one never occurred to me until now. The basic compass points come up enough but if you get a bit more basic like up, left, behind; Things get a lot more interesting

Real Bands: One Direction, Kanye West, Right Said Fred


Another I couldn't believe I'd missed. Lots of 80's potential in this one. I just know that the following conversation will be had many times over this card:

"Ruby Tuesday!"

"No, thats a song. Not a band."

"oh, there's gotta be a band called Ruby Tuesday"

FYI, There isn't. There is one called The Ruby Tuesdays though Real Bands: Diamond Rio, The Ruby Tuesdays, GEM


Before you ask, no, Sabaton does not count. Most existing bands that fit under this card are named after significant people and places in history but you might find the odd band name that gets a bit more specific.

Real Bands: Joy Division, Franz Ferdinand, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell


First to say "she blinded me with science" under their breath while writing their band name gets a free point. I'm kidding of course but that's gonna happen. I guarantee it.

Most band names for this card will come from chemistry I'm sure, but get creative. Try throwing in something cool. Like botany. Real Bands: Morphine, Tesla, Chemical Brothers


This was nearly a combined card that read "Size or Duration." In the end duration just became another category on this list, Time. Not much to explain really. Size can refer to volume, distance, height, length, surface area, magnitude, and quantity. Go big or go home

Real Bands: Great Big Sea, Thousand Foot Krutch, Little Richard

The Senses

Now I know that everyone immediately thinks of the main senses you learn in grade school. Sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch. But we have way more you can build off of. Fashion sense, sensibility, common Sense, and your sense of adventure.

Real Bands: Senses Fail, Thee Oh Sees, Too Close to Touch


Like I said earlier, this card was almost a double card with size. But given how many options you can choose from, it makes sense to have it as its own card. From the measly second, to hours, days, decades, and eons.

Real Bands: The Weeknd, 30 seconds to mars, Into Eternity


I really didn't want to name this card Tools. But there's not much else to call it. So I guess it'll just have to always immediately make most metal head players think of Tool. But get creative guys. There's even a beverage called a screwdriver. Real Bands: Tool, Braindrill, MC Hammer

And that's it! I'm not adding any more to the base game (I promise). Are there any you think might be too difficult? Let me know in the comments! Your feedback now means this game will release in its best possible form.


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