Bandroom Blitz Dev Journal Vol 3: Modify Me Cap'n

Updated: Jan 23

Last blog post I introduced several new cards to the game, well I've been sitting around doing a lot of thinking and I'm (finally) ready to announce the new batch of Modify cards! Just like last time I'm going to include a little blurb about each card and some real bands that the card was inspired by (if it's that kind of modify card). Lets go!

First, one of my favorite new cards. "Now its Personal" gives the group an opportunity to inject a bit of their friendship into the band name. It's actually pretty common for bands to use inside jokes and shared experiences as inspiration for their name. And now you can too. Real Bands: Minus the Bear, OK Go, Jimmy Eat World

Another one of my favorite new cards. With the decision to drastically reduce the number of duplicate cards in the deck; I was kind of disappointed players would have to plow through the deck to get new combinations using cards they had already seen. Now with "Encore!" you can dredge up a card you want from the discard pile and throw it into play!

I found during playtesting using Alliteration drastically increased the chances of getting a win, no matter who was Band Leader. So naturally it just made sense to make it a Modify Card. Real Bands: Adam Ant, Foo Fighters, Five for Fighting

A classic band name format that goes back decades. This card will definitely force the band name into the territory of Country, Folk, and Blues. Real Bands: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Allman Brothers Band, The Band

I came up with this card while listening to my local campus/community radio station, CJSW. Specifically I was listening to the feminist punk show and noted a number of bands that were formed entirely of women had names that reflected that. And thus, the Girl Power card was born. Oh, and lets not forget all girl pop singer groups like the Spice Girls. Real Bands: Bikini Kill, Lunachicks, The Spice Girls

A really fun piece of word play that I haven't seen too much in play testing. Though when it does come up its usually a hit. Plus its not too difficult to take an already good band name and turn it into a quality spoonerism. So here it is getting its own modify card. Real Bands: Com Truise, Buckcherry, Mord Fustang

Now this is a difficult one. And had the time limit rule not been made optional it certainly wouldn't have made the cut. But I think there's lots of opportunity for creativity here that people will enjoy. (side note that band names that you pronounce as single letters, like REM and AC/DC, are in fact Initialisms, not acronyms. And therefore do not count) Real Bands: ABBA, HIM, WASP

I honestly can't believe I missed this card when I originally put together the "make it _____" modify cards. Reggae itself is so distinct that pretty much any website you visit will tell you that Reggae is not a sub genre to any other style. Real Bands: Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru

This is going to be a fun one. I have no illusions that the majority of people playing this game will be adults, so I sincerely hope that this card is eventually paired with the death, violence, rebellion, and military category cards one day. Real Bands: The Wiggles, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Thunderlords

This card was almost "Make it K-pop" But if it turns out K-pop lasts as long as the boy and girl bands of 90's north america then it would severely date the game. Now with the "Make it a boy-girl" band format we get both the K-pop bands of today, Boy and girl groups of the 90's, and other even older musical styles. Real Bands: Backstreet Boys, BLACKPINK, The Rat Pack

Coming up with a band name is hard. Coming up with a quality, original band name is even harder. But hey, if something is spelled wrong its easier to trademark! That's what I'm told anyway...

Real Bands: Deadmau5, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard

I'm actually not entirely sure where this trend came from, but I'm not the only one who's noticed. Even the BBC has caught on. This card won't make a band name super difficult to come up with. But if there's two category cards in play it'll be pretty hard to get a real band bonus point. Real Bands: Duran Duran, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Alright, here's a modify card that'll really appeal to those of you who don't know a lot of bands. Not only does this card make it easier to come up with a band name, it also prevents players from getting any bonus points for the round. Easy Peasy

This one is mainly for you EDM heads out there as this trend is especially popular with DJ's and Producers. It's almost like they want to fit their name on a licence plate. Which was the original inspiration for this card. In its first design stage the card actually just required the band name be 7 letters or less. This version of the card was deemed a lot easier and gets right to the point of the intended effect. Real Bands: The Weeknd, MGMT, JPNSGRLS

Now this card is the exact antithesis to "Make it Local." Some bands like to rep where they're from in their band name, and more often than not that place is, well, not where you're from. So this card is for those that have really international music tastes. Up to you how you make the band sound foreign, you could use another language, put a country or landmark in the band name, anything really. Be as specific or vague as you like. Note the real band names listed below are exotic to me, but not you necessarily.

Real Bands: Finntroll, Antti Martikainen, Gypsy Kings And that's it! With these additions Bandroom Blitz now has exactly 100 unique cards. You can expect to find some doubles in the deck (especially of Noun, Verb, and Adjective) but those will be primarily for the extremely common tropes in band names. Are there any you really can't stand? think something might be broken? Let me know now before release, that way it can be addressed sooner rather than later!


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