Pre-Orders are coming!

Hey guys,

I am extremely excited to announce that pre-orders are here! As of noon Friday, January 24th, the Analog Universe Games online store will go live. You’ll want to hop on there quickly. Not only will you find Band Room Blitz available for pre-order but also an extra special shiny box version. Only 100 are available AND both versions are available at a special limited time price.

Production has just begun so we can expect copies to arrive at Analog Universe in about 5 months (don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated!). From there they will quickly make their way to your hands. And a huge thank you to everyone getting excited for the game online and at the various events I’ve attended over the past year. Not to mention all the local support I’ve received. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Game on friends,

Andrew Baldock

Analog Universe Games



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"We're an analog band. We know that digitals a scam."

     -Wo Fat

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