State of the Blitz #2

Hey. It's been a while. No doubt with the current state of things we've ran into a couple hitches with getting Band Room Blitz into production. A while back I contacted those who have pre-ordered with an update regarding delays in production. Well, here's the newest update for everyone. Band Room Blitz is now officially, figuratively, out of my hands until it literally lands in my hands. This means the only thing standing between you and your pre-ordered copy of Band Room Blitz is the manufacturer getting it printed. And about 10,500 kilometres of land and sea. But it the modern era of transport, whats a few thousand km? I hope you're all as excited to get your copy as I am to get it to you. One last thing. One of the last instructions we passed on to the manufacturer was an upgrade for the pre-order shiny boxes. It's a surprise so I'm not gonna say what we did, but lets just say this bad boy is gonna really stand out on your shelf. Next update will come when production is finished and a (possibly estimated) release date will be revealed. Stay Tuned!


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