This special LIMITED EDITION shiny boxed Band Room Blitz is available for the first 100 people to pre-order a copy! And BOTH versions of the game are at a special limited time price! Don't delay, order yours today!


Band Room Blitz is a party game designed for the quick witted genius or the walking encyclopedia of bands at your table. Players create a unique band name based off of two revealed categories (Color, Animal, Death, Adjective, and more). Players can add extra criteria with Modify cards. Force a specific genre or name format, tweak the categories in play, and other ways to throw off your opponents.


In harder difficulties players can win bonus points for declaring real bands that fit the cards in play, harder still they can add a time limit to each round. Whether you're a pop culture whiz kid or a quick witted comedian, Band Room Blitz is a blast for any casual game night.

SHINY Band Room Blitz

  • This is for Band Room Blitz PRE-ORDERS. An official release date has not yet been established, we will do our best to communicate to you when that will be. You have the option of having your copy mailed to you or if you live in or around Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta you may choose to pick up your copy at a partner retailer.

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